*** Sensitive Information Ahead ***
We want to ensure your wellbeing while discussing this topic

Suicide Prevention:

Nurturing Hope and Resilience

September 15, 2023

12 PM Mountain (2 PM Eastern)

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What will we talk about?

One important step in preventing suicide is talking about it.

Join us for a crucial and sensitive conversation as we discuss suicide, seeking to raise awareness, compassion, and actionable strategies to combat this pressing issue among our family, friends, and colleagues.

We are honored to have special guest speaker, Lark Galley, who has personally navigated the heart-wrenching loss of both her child and father to suicide.

Key Discussion Areas: 

  • underlying factors contributing to the rise in suicide incidents

  • effective ways to be a supportive presence for struggling individuals 

  • healing after a suicide incident

  • addressing suicide at your workplace

  • unique challenges surrounding suicide among young individuals, and strategies to provide the necessary support

The Experts Guiding the Conversation

David (1)

David Malmborg


Tempest Anderson   (2)

Lark Galley

Life Coach, Author



Charee Johnson

Clinical Therapist, LCSW