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Mental Health Awareness Month Webinars

Join us for our 45-minute Zoom webinars on employee wellbeing this May, led by Nivati's providers. Fill out the form to receive calendar invites to all four webinars.

What to Expect

Learn more about the webinars we will hold during Mental Health Awareness Month in May below. When you fill out the form, you will receive calendar invites to all four webinars.

Len Glassman Circle Image

Friday, May 5th

Your Mind is in Your Body's Driver Seat

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  • Led by: Len Glassman, CPT, CHN, J.D., Virtual Fitness, Health Nutritionist Provider, and Author of "Soul Trainer"

Alleviate stress with Len in this inclusive, interactive fitness session that will show you how to add energy, relaxation, and exercise to your day and foster a mind-body connection. Come dressed in comfy clothes (optional), and join us for simple workday exercises.

Shadonna Harris Circle Image

Wednesday, May 10th

Nurturing Your Home Environment

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  • Led by: Dr. Shadonna Harris, PsyD, MA

Learn how to build a healthy living environment that supports mental health and wellbeing with Shadonna. Plus, learn effective ways to cope even when your home or work environment is overwhelming or upsetting.

Liadan Gunter Circle Image

Friday, May 19th

Building an Anxiety Battle Plan

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  • Led by: Liadan Gunter, Life Coach and Neuroscientist

Liadan will teach attendees the neuroscience behind anxiety and stress, how it can show up for you, and tips for effectively managing anxiety.

Lauren Compton Circle Image

Wednesday, May 24th

Wellbeing on a Budget

  • Led by: Lauren Compton, Financial Coach
  • Date and Time: Wednesday, May 24th at 1 pm MT (3 pm ET)

Lauren, Financial Coach, will explain how to remove money as a barrier to taking care of your wellbeing. Learn cost-effective wellness tips regarding exercise, ongoing mental health sessions, grocery shopping, and being a social butterfly on a budget.